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Discovered: How to become A Yahoo Boy & Reason why you should Not!

Learn how to become a Yahoo Boy & reason why you should not even try it: No one wants to be broke. It’s extremely expensive and challenging to live in an age where money is required to live a comfortable life, pay rent or purchase an apartment and drive a luxury automobile and, in essence take any action that makes life more comfortable.

However, if you do not have the correct Yahoo boy orientation You could be cruising around on the web, but not earning a dime.

I know someone who was on Yahoo for a while but never won clients.

Many people want to know the workings of Google and because of that they go to Google each day and create inquiries such as:

  • Learn to become Yahoo boy. Yahoo boy
  • Yahoo boy orientation
  • How do you begin with a Yahoo boy career
  • Simple steps to follow to be a successful yahoo boy
  • How do you be a successful Yahoo in Nigeria

There are so many people interested in the topic, we decided to create an article on the subject.

In reality it’s not difficult to earn money through Yahoo. The issue was that the person didn’t have the proper Yahoo girl orientation.

He was not equipped adequately prior to entering the company. He was not aware of how to use the Yahoo boy format which are used in the current times.

Thanks for being here!

Don’t make the same mistakes that the man made, which prevented him from making a cent on the internet.

This comprehensive guide will give you all the resources you need to begin an Yahoo boy’s career.

How do you become Yahoo boy: Yahoo boy:

Yahoo boy

Yahoo Yahoo is a form of business, and just like any other type of business, you must put aside a certain amount of money in order to purchase the equipment you require to start your business.

When I refer to gadgets, I’m not referring to the complete set. You require all of the gadgets I’ll be discussing in the next few paragraphs.

There are a few tools you’ll need to jump into you on your Yahoo career. What are these tools?

  • A great laptop
  • Excellent smartphone
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Learn good grammar
  • Vpn
  • A foreign number

1. Find a great laptop

The first step is to have a laptop in order for you to be an effective Yahoo person. If not, you’ll find it very difficult to complete the things that you are only able to do with Laptops.

Olamide Bado was capable of achieving himself as a Yahoo boy with no laptop. However, I can tell you that you will require a laptop to be a highly successful Yahoo boy.

It’s not only any laptop. You’ll require a model with the best software. It’s not a recommendation for anything other alternative to Apple laptops.

I am a fan of I love the Windows OS and how they’ve developed with the most recent versions. But, it’s important to acknowledge that Mac is the most secure.

Additionally, Apple laptops tend to offer longer battery life This will come in handy given it is the Nigerian power grid is quite a mess.

2. Find a great Smartphone

Even after purchasing a laptop, you will require a mobile. The reason for this is that you don’t have to waste any time. You must respond to messages from clients quickly.

What if you’re in perhaps in an outdoor park or in a movie?

This is the reason you require the mobile phone.

Also, I would recommend using an iPhone as well as an iPad. They are more stable that any other gadget that you can imagine.

The reason you should have devices that have a good firmware is to ensure you don’t get caught, hacked or tagged by anyone who is interested in your demise.

You wouldn’t want to have a brief-lived achievement Do you?

3. You can get a reliable internet connection

A reliable internet connection is among the essential prerequisites to become an Yahoo boy. If you live in a place that’s not 3G+ compatible it is time to rethink your choice.

You do not want to be in the middle of a vital conversation with a customer and suddenly your network’s reputation starts to fall apart.

It’s an incredibly negative experience for customers. Personally, I would not like having a conversation with someone who responds to my messages in greater than 10 mins delay, especially when I must handle that with any message sent.

A good network is required particularly when you claim to be inside the city. Anyone who is in the city can’t continue to complain about the poor quality of their network. A poor network is completely un-city-like.

Even though you might be able to find a way around it but you shouldn’t give your clients too many options.

The reason I’ve pushed for purchasing these three devices is because you should not use an internet cafe. When you are tempted to, you’re on the verge of failure.

Ask people who have been in the cafe. Cyber cafes can be dangerous locations. A second device could be able to observe what you’re doing, could be able to look up your history of browsing and could lead to a warning for anyone who would like to see your failure.

If you don’t own those three essential gadgets mentioned above, don’t consider becoming a yahoo person.

You’ll end up with only yourself to take the blame.

4. Find an VPN

Virtual private networks (VPN) lets users transmit and receive data on public or shared networks, as if their devices were connected directly to the secure network. That is, VPN secures your network and increases the security of data that you transmit on the internet.

In the words of Lehman, VPN hides your IP address, or switches it your IP address to one that you want.

There are no-cost VPNs on the internet; however, they are limited to many features in their free plans.

In the future, you may be required to buy an upgrade plan to get the complete package.

5. Learn English

If you are already able to communicate and write in English well, then great job. If not, you must improve before you think about beginning Yahoo! Yahoo!

The ability to write and communicate effectively isn’t something you can buy or a device and isn’t something that you can buy and possess in a matter of minutes. It’s something that you must improve.

It is no surprise that the ability to communicate and write effectively is among the essential prerequisites to become an Yahoo boy.

How do you convince clients to buy from you when you’re not able to construct a an elementary grammar?

Let’s suppose that my writing has been incredibly poor since you first started to read this post. Would you have continued with it?

Also, anyone who truly would like to be a Yahoo boy must possess the ability to keep users interested in discussions.

I’m annoyed by women who have poor grammatical structures. It’s a fact that I’m certainly far from the sole one who has the same mindset.

According to statistics, men are attracted to women who effectively communicate attractive. Equally, women are drawn to men with good communication abilities.

I’m sure that you’d like to be attractive to your customers in all ways.

If you’re not quite proficient in English don’t worry. Make use of the tools on the internet to assist with grammar development.

Grammarly is just one of them.

6. Get a foreign phone number

Yahoo boys generally claim to come natives of US, UK or any other developed country. As a result, people tend to regard people from these countries in respect.

If you are planning to identify yourself as a person from the USA it is important to be aware that each nation includes an Area Code.

In essence, it’s impossible to claim to be in America. USA but when you call me, you’ll find the number +234, that is clearly an area code in Nigeria. Nigerian Area Code.

It’s very easy to get foreign numbers with a variety of Android applications. One of the most popular apps to obtain an international phone number TextPlus. Simply search for it on the Google PlayStore.

Six of them are essential things you must have to get started on your Yahoo Boy career. Other minor requirements are knowing what the ABCs are on your keyboard, and being able to communicate with humor.

So, without further delay now let’s talk about the reason that you clicked this article.

Yahoo boys formats: how do they work

1. Yahoo boy websites

Many people who want to become Yahoo boys think there’s a Yahoo Boy website that allows them to practice their skills.

This is completely wrong.

Let’s return to the basic.

What is the reason why you think that the company’s name is derived from an extremely well-known websites on the planet (

This is because it goes back all the way back to the time when Yahoo Messenger was the most popular chat program on the web.

Through the Yahoo Messenger app that users could connect and converse with foreigners easily, provided you had an Yahoo Mail address of that person.

In this age, however, there has been a change in the way things are done the way things work. Things aren’t as they used to be.

There are a variety of websites that offer an opportunity to practice and, surprisingly they’re much closer than you could ever imagine.

What are these websites?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Dating sites or apps like, etc.

In short, yahoo guys are active on virtually every site which provides them with the ability to connect with others without being able to see them or even being able to contact them physically.

Learning to use online dating websites or apps is the most well-known Yahoo Boy format available online; it is one of the oldest tricks that is in the manual.

What is their method of operation through these Yahoo Boys’ sites?

Create an account

The process of creating a profile for most of the platforms mentioned above is simple however, certain platforms have banned Nigerians due to the poor image of our young people.

On certain dating websites, particularly there is no way to make a profile for an Nigerian.

That’s where the VPN comes in.

A VPN disguises your location and creates the impression that you’re in any location of your choice This allows you to browse websites which normally don’t allow Nigerians to sign up.

Discover your mojo

Many hopeful Yahoo boys do not get it so, as a result that they do not succeed in their field.

The majority of successful yahoo boys are adept at creating fake profiles and fake identities that they can catch easy prey.

However, some choose an identity that they cannot fake. Imagine someone who declares as a medical doctor, but does not know the basic medical terms or claims that the title of soldier, but is completely ignorant of specific military terms.

If their clients are looking to involve with them in conversation regarding their work They’ll have a difficult time to manage.

If you encounter someone who’s not as smart, that’s is that okay. In the society that we live in we are smarter than they used be. Thus, tricks for children could not work.

You know what you’re proficient at and you can fake convincingly. It isn’t anyone who will take you to the next level.

You can get what you need

If you’ve achieved success in creating a fake profile and convincing friends to yourself, the next step is to utilize these to get what you desire.

Yahoo boys are a target for their victims. bet on them with their hearts. Some of them even fall head over the hills in the love of yahoo boys.

Once you have made someone believe in you and make them become enthralled with you it is very simple to convince them to do whatever you want them to do.

In this particular section the most popular formats that Yahoo boys utilize are:

Accidentally, you aren’t sure where you are. Your credit card and other things are gone. Doctors are required to perform an urgent operation on you, however you’re not able to afford the funds to pay the hospital expenses and as result you’re in dire need of urgent help from the doctor.

If someone who has become infatuated with you, and sees an image like this and is in love with you, they’ll try to collect the funds for the procedure.

Most of the time, yahoo men prefer to turn into girls and utilize cloning applications for video chats with their partners The reason for this is that men tend to be softer when it comes to giving money to the other sex.

Yahoo Yahoo is mostly trial and trial and

Yahoo boys keep at it until they finally catch the mugu or maga. If they succeed you’ll hear them sing and shouting “maga done pay”.

2. Unsolicited mails

In this format of yahoo boys Yahoo boys will receive email addresses from a variety of individuals — both local and from abroad and then send them emails letting them know that they’ve won the lottery the jackpot, or any other thing that could attract their attention.

Humans naturally have a lust for money and are thrilled at receiving a message that informs that they have won a prize or some other prize.

Many people are accustomed to receiving these messages and won’t be a victim. However, there are others who are naive and, as a consequence they become victims.

3. Fraud with credit cards

This is the most sophisticated Yahoo boy style. In this scenario you’ll use every means to convince your desired target to reveal specific information regarding their credit card. using these details it is easy to transfer funds from their account to your account.

In addition, you should taken measures to ensure that your account does not be traced. The Yahoo Boy format can be very difficult and is intended for experts only. Chances of being arrested are higher with this format.

Disclaimer: Everything you’ve read up to now is pure sarcasm

I don’t ever recommend young smart intelligent individuals to turn into Yahoo girls or boys 

If you’ve typed “how to become a Yahoo boy” in the Google search box indicates that you are keen to be one or, you’re just looking to find out for research purposes, whether there are any guides for becoming an yahoo girl in Nigeria 

If the reason you’re reading this article is because you’re actually looking to become an Yahoo boy and I’m not going to inform the reader that everything you’ve have read is just jokes. 

All of the Yahoo boy designs I mentioned above are indeed accurate. This is precisely the way Yahoo boys function.

If you’ve gone to university or have a relationship with young men often, it’s easy to get in touch with Yahoo boys from Nigeria and understand the Yahoo boys’ formats .

It’s not the fault of Nigerians. There are a few job opportunities available in Nigeria.

In the end, the difficulties and the high rate of unemployment in this area of the world have enticed numerous young people to Yahoo 

I am aware that things are difficult in the country. It is hard and unaffordable for a lot of youths. However, there are many ways to do things online if you own an internet connection. This is not just becoming an Yahoo girl 

At Fulloaded , we’ve posted a variety of articles that are useful to help startups. One of them is:

If another person who chooses to be a Yahoo boy earns $1 online, you’ll have earned a few hundreds of dollars by using the legitimate methods mentioned previously mentioned. On top of that you will feel at peace.

Are you still unsure? Let me give you more reasons why you shouldn’t be Yahoo! Yahoo boy:

5 reasons not to be Yahoo boy. Yahoo boy

The risk is a lot greater in recent times.

In recent times, Nigeria police are known for embarrassing people quite a bit. Some require that you let them view the contents of your mobile phone or PC, even without warrant 

Through this they’ve managed to capture a number of people who were associated with Yahoo Yahoo!

In the same way, American authorities have their eye at Yahoo boys more than ever before. It is reported that American people have lost nearly 1 billion dollars to fraudsters in the last decade.

The FBI is a direct result of this it has decided to tackle the issue of online fraud more seriously. They are now working with tech giants which control email services, cellphone companies as well as other companies that create devices or software Yahoo users use to carry out their online activities.

If you’ve been extremely attentive and attentive, then you’ve probably been able to see a variety of reports about how Yahoo boys are being rounded up every single day.

A bit more difficult than the earlier

It’s much more difficult to earn a cent from online scams in recent times due to the fact that the targets are now significantly more advanced than they were in the past .

In the event that you turn out to be a Yahoo boy now, you could be tempted to become a plus (Yahoo Plus). That means.

You’ll never have peace of mind

As previously mentioned that the police are now looking into the matter more today than ever. Imagine you’re driving with your laptop in the rear of your car seat and you are confronted by SARS at an inspection point. It’s going to take some courage not to shake, given the brutality of SARS officials.

In the end it’s not a good idea to feel secure when you’re engaging in illegal activities. Naturally the guilt will stay in your mind.

You’ll never spend the cash wisely

It’s likely that somebody’s saying “whoa! This isn’t true’.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t invest your money wisely:

If people earn money through the same sources it is easy to think that it’s simple to get another one, and once they have that conviction in their the mind that they will invest your money wisely will be gone.

Final Thought: Don’t be an Yahoo boy!

There’s this stereotype Nigerians are facing today online and across the globe. Many people believe that all successful young Nigerian is one of the Yahoo boys. Yahoo boy.

It’s already a mess and we don’t want to get worse; one of the main reasons for me to write this lengthy humorous “how to become a Yahoo boy” guide 

I hope the information I’ve listed above are enough to keep you from learning to become an Yahoo girl 

Sorry for not being able to please you if you had hoped to actually learn how to be an Yahoo guy



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