Linda Ikeji Biography & Net Worth

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, author, business person and previous model. She is known for her blog. Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Many adolescents particularly young women are propelled by her example of overcoming adversity and accept they can accomplish anything they put their heart to.


There is no uncertainty that there is a gigantic expansion in the quantity of rich individuals, explicitly from the on the web/internet business and media outlet in Nigeria and without a doubt Africa all in all, in ongoing time. New vehicles of bringing in cash as opposed to the customary old ways, similar to internet business, for instance, has made it simple for individuals to bring in cash from the solace of their front rooms.

One individual who has done precisely that is Linda Ikeji. Ms. Ikeji is today one of the most extravagant and most mainstream online business people in general African landmass.

Her ascent to acclaim and abundance through a medium that was not very notable and furthermore not regarded in Nigeria puzzles many. Nonetheless, the individuals who have had a cozy relationship with her, and were very acquainted about the web based/writing for a blog business, realized it could take her and whatever other individual who set out to dive into it to a more prominent spot.

Linda Ikeji Biography , Net Worth


Full NameLinda Ifeoma Ikeji
CategoryNigerian Bloggers
Date of Birth19 September 1980
Place of birthNkwerre, Imo, Nigeria
Net Worth$13 Million


Who is Linda Ikeji?


Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, author, business person and previous model. She is known for her blog. Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Many adolescents particularly young women are propelled by her example of overcoming adversity and accept they can accomplish anything they put their heart to.



Linda Ikeji Biography


Linda Ikeji Biography

Linda Ikeji was conceived Linda Ifeoma Ikeji on September 19, 1980. She is the second of seven youngsters from her folks who hail from Nkwerre, a nearby government territory in the southeastern province of Imo, Nigeria.

In the same way as other different families from the area, Linda was brought up in a Christian Catholic home that went through something reasonable of monetary insecurity. At the youthful age of ten, she had effectively started composing short anecdotal stories as an interest. Added to her skill for narrating, she wanted to provide details regarding the news and was entranced by interviews. This provoked her to seek after a degree in mass correspondence at the University of Lagos. In any case, sadly for her, she was conceded to stud the English Language.

She started college at 19 years old, and because of her family’s battles, needed to help herself monetarily. She maintained various sources of income as a server, usher at events, bar-tending, and as a model. You can recount her perseverance and fearlessness, balance and incredible introduction abilities, high feeling of dressing and above all, her excellence, she dominated as a model. In any case, displaying was not well paying around then in Nigeria, Linda considered it to be a sort of occupation she could do to take care of and help herself through school as opposed to participating in positions that will “take her respect”.


Upon the fulfillment of her college degree, Linda set up her own demonstrating office, called Black bird Communications, a name instituted and enlivened by Silverbird. The business was not as beneficial as she had trusted, so when she went to contributing to a blog, she gave all her consideration to it and made the most out of it.


Today, Linda is an independent multi-tycoon who brought in her cash with no type of debasement, contemptibility or trickiness as it’s normal with various women these days.

Early Life and Education


Linda Ikeji was brought into the world on the 19 of September 1980 out of a Catholic family from Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria. She is the subsequent youngster.

She began composing anecdotal stories at a youthful age of 10, The fiction she composed were lauded by her loved ones. As time passed by she built up an energy for news. Not quite the same as most teens her age, Linda Ikeji treasured tuning in to the news, watching reporters and meetings

She finished optional school at 17 years of age and, at 18, enlisted at the University of Lagos, and whenever the possibility came to learn at the University in Lagos, she pick Mass Communication But to her mistake, she was conceded to contemplate English Language

To help her family and support herself through school, she had low maintenance occupations as a server, model, and author. Ikeji moved on from the University in 2004.

She started the demonstrating vocation in 1998 and surrendered in 2005. She was likewise a design reporter for a striving superstar magazine, and following two years of working in the newsroom, she surrendered that as well.

After University, Linda Ikeji endeavored to break into news coverage by dispatching her own media organization, called Black bird Communications, which was a displaying office and occasions the executives outfit. The name Black pigeon was anyway motivated by Silverbird, which turns out to be a name and furthermore a bird. It was additionally propelled by the way that her best tone is dark and darling bird is the pigeon.

Despite the fact that Linda professes to in any case have the displaying organization, yet not oversaw by her any longer. She additionally initiated what she tells in her most punctual blog entry as her “actual enthusiasm”, her magazine called, FM and B. The primary issue was distributed in 2006 and on acknowledging how costly and unpleasant magazine distributing was, she just had two additional releases printed.

n 2006, she began writing for a blog as a leisure activity. Around then, the web was not as conspicuous in Nigeria and she needed to make her posts at a cybercafé

Concerning Black bird, Linda Ikeji had this to say, “I abandoned the workplace (Black Dove Communications) in 2010 when I was unable to bear the cost of the lease any longer and moved my business back home. About a year later, the contributing to a blog I began in 2006 transformed me.”

Awards and Recognition


In August 2012, Forbes Africa committed itself to observing African ladies that month’s issue. Around there, Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women and the issue highlighted profiles on two youthful Nigerian ladies: Linda Ikeji, just as Chibundu Onuzo.

In 2015, she moved to her Multi-million Naira chateau home an accomplishment celebrated by many, particularly the female sexual orientation in Nigeria.

Ikeji was met by BBC on their Focus on Africa program, The meeting circulated on 25 September 2012

Аt thе 2013 Nіgеrіаn Вlоg Аwаrdѕ, ѕhе wоn thе аwаrd fоr Веѕt Еntеrtаіnmеnt Вlоg. Іn 2013, ѕhе wоn thе аwаrd fоr “Wеbѕіtе/Вlоg оf thе Yеаr” bу Nіgеrіаn Вrоаdсаѕtеrѕ Меrіt Аwаrd.


In 2014 she was the greatest Google search pattern in Nigeria

On 8 August 2018, Linda Ikeji was among prominent characters drawn from various nations across numerous orders who were consulted with Honorary Doctorate Degree from Trinity International University in Georgia for her exceptional occupation in Business and Media in Africa. Others gave incorporates Steve Egboro, Nigerian movie producer and occasion supervisor, Chairman Daily Times Newspaper, Dr. Fidelis Anosike, Dr. Obeahon Ohiwerei, GMD/CEO of Keystone Bank Limited, famous legal counselor Mike Ozekhome and few others

Personal Life


Linda once said, “My optimal man should be a respectable person, God dreading, generally excellent looking and should have the option to help what I do.” According to Linda, she can never date a man more youthful than she is, however can wed a man who doesn’t acquire however much she does.

Ikeji says she and her child’s dad Sholaye Jeremi are not appropriate accomplices. She took to her blog to detail reasons why her relationship with her child’s dad, whom she met in December 2015, didn’t work out true to form

Success Journey


As we definitely know, not all examples of overcoming adversity are smooth, and Linda’s isn’t a special case. Her “abrupt ascent into acclaim” as some would see it was never unexpected, her excursion was loaded with challenges, monetary unsteadiness and obviously as an excellent young lady, interruptions. Be that as it may, it’s astonishing how she battled through earnestly and center.


She began contributing to a blog in November 2006, when web access was least articulated in Nigeria and furthermore when a couple of individuals wrote for a blog about their own lives and their families. One could recount her little beginnings as she isn’t worn out on disclosing to her account of how she used to acquire cash to go to cybercafes to blog. That commenced the start of Linda Ikeji Blog.


Since its initiation, first in 2006 and completely in 2007, Linda Ikeji blog has become a notable blog all around Africa. Beginning first as a tattle blog which was then the first of its sort in Nigeria, “LIB” as it is broadly called, has developed to turn into the focal point of diversion, covering news and occasions occurring in and around Africa and even past. It additionally covers way of life and design stories.

A great many individuals from everywhere the mainland troop into her blog consistently for this. Nigerians abroad likewise visit the blog to have full subtleties of what goes on in and around their nation of origin. Linda Ikeji Blog is at present positioned twentieth on the Alexa positioning in Nigeria and 1,736 around the world.


She has quite possibly the most dynamic websites in the country, with her web-based media following expanding in huge numbers every day. She at present has more than 750,000 on Twitter, more than 36,000 likes on Facebook and more than 52,000 supporters on Instagram.


Following the achievement of her blog, Linda Ikeji dispatched an informal organization named Linda Ikeji Social. She said the thought went to her when she met fans who revealed to her that they just visited two destinations; LIB and Facebook. That incited her to make something that joined what the two locales offer. The systems administration stage utilizes the space name

On the principal day of its dispatch, more than 50,000 individuals had joined. Her technique for the site was exceptionally pulled in as she vowed to pay clients a rate dependent on the quantity of their adherents and the adverts put on their page. She additionally said she would purchase client’s substance/stories relying upon its inventiveness.

Net Worth


Linda Ikeji Net Worth

According to Forbes Nigerian we found  that the Nigerian Bloggres, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji professionally called Linda  Ikeji has  the estimated Net worth of $13 Million .


Through publishing content to a blog, Linda has assembled for herself bunches of abundance with her website said to be worth 7 figures. Linda Ikeji’s total assets is assessed to be around $13 Million.

With that measure of cash, you don’t expect her not to live luxurious. She has spent over N50 million on vehicles for herself and other relatives. That adds to her carport which previously bragged a 2008 Toyota Camry, and an Infinity FX 35 SUV.

She additionally gained two new houses, a 5-room duplex for her folks in Surulere, and a seven-room manor on the Island for herself esteemed upwards of N300 million.


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Linda Ikeji Profile


Full NameLinda Ifeoma Ikeji
CategoryNigerian Bloggers
Date of Birth19 September 1980
Place of birthNkwerre, Imo, Nigeria
Net Worth$13 Million

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