Noble Igwe Biography & Net Worth

Noble Igwe is a Nigerian blogger, and the originator and Chief Executive Officer of 360nobs Group. He is one of Nigeria’s generally mainstream and fruitful bloggers, and fashionista.


Noble Igwe Biography Biography , Net Worth


Full NameNoble Chibuzor Igwe
CategoryBloger , Writer , CEO s
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1979
PositionFounder , CEO
Net Worth$2.5 Million


Noble Igwe Biography


Noble Igwe Biography

Noble Igwe is a Nigerian blogger, and the originator and Chief Executive Officer of 360nobs Group. He is one of Nigeria’s generally mainstream and fruitful bloggers, and fashionista.




Nobs began his vocation during his NYSC as a Fine Arts instructor with the Gombe High School, Gombe State in 2004. After at that point, he worked with Virgin Nigeria Airways as a client assistance official in 2005 however moved to the Marketing Department in 2006. He left Virgin Nigeria Airways in 2008 for 141Worldwide, an Advertising firm lastly left paid work on April first, 2011


In 2009, Igwe dispatched his own organization, 360Nobs Limited. In April 2010, he dispatched the site – 360nobs alongside prime supporters Oye Akideinde and Abimbola Soares.


They set up 360Nobs Limited lodging, 360PR, 360Events, 360Productions and in 2010 and later moved them under The 360Nobs Group lodging the abovementioned, 360Delivery. Today, 360 Group is one of those going-worries that is taking off high exceptionally quick.


Respectable Igwe transformed his diversions into a business, very much like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija and other effective bloggers in the country at this moment. He is that man that loves designs, he continued writing for a blog in any event, when he had a paid business. He continued overseeing and shuffling his work close by occasion advancement and creation with the expectation that he will become showbiz royalty sometime in the future


Respectable Igwe eventually was the organizer of Events and Sponsorships at Virgin Nigeria, a task he later left to join a publicizing firm. It would shock you to realize that, Noble once worked with the now-dead gathering Mo’hits, MI and Banky W.


Early Life and Education


Respectable Chibuzor Igwe prominently known as Nobs was conceived February tenth, 1982 in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. He was brought into the world to Sir Herbert and Lady Charity Igwe from Umuomaku, Orumba South neighborhood government space of Anambra State.



He educated in Abia at the National High School Aba; St Augustine’s Anglican Seminary Nbawsi; Federal Government College Okigwe. After his essential and auxiliary school training,

he went to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he moves on from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. He likewise has a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management which he obtained from Pan Africa University.

He said: Growing up was fun since I have the most superb kin and we had the best things of life that could be given by our folks.

Personal Life


In 2016, Noble Igwe got married to his better half, Chioma Otisi in a delightful and flashy wedding. She is the brand supervisor who has consistently been spotted together, Their marriage is honored with a girl.

Noble Igwe Awards


  • Igwe has won the City People Music Award for Music Website of the Year

In 2016, he was named for Most Fashionable Male

  • He was additionally named in 2017 for Nigerian Teen Choice Award for Choice Fashion Blogger


Noble Igwe Net Worth



Noble Igwe Net Worth

According to Forbes Nigerian we found  that the Nigerian Blogger, Noble Igwe professionally called 360nobs CEO has  the estimated Net worth of $2.5 million.


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Noble Igwe Profile


Full NameNoble Chibuzor Igwe
CategoryBloger , Writer , CEO s
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1979
PositionFounder , CEO
Net Worth$2.5 Million

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