I Go Dye Biography & Net Worth

Francis Agoda famously known as I Go Dye or I Go Die is a Nigerian Comedian. He is a persuasive orator, essayist and social crusader. He has coordinated a few global parody shows, for example, “Igodye Standing.


I Go Dye Biography , Net worth


Ful NameFrancis Agoda
Stage NameI Go Dye , I Go Dye
CategoryNigerian Comedian
Date of BirthApril 4, 1979
Net Worth#1.8 Billion


Who is I Go Dye?


Francis Agoda famously known as I Go Dye or I Go Die is a Nigerian Comedian. He is a persuasive orator, essayist and social crusader. He has coordinated a few global parody shows, for example, “Igodye Standing.


I Go Dye Biography


I Go Dye Biography

Francis Agoda was brought into the world on April 4, 1979 in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria. As a small kid he grow up at Okpara water side with his fantastic Mother, Queen Agnes where he saw the various difficulties confronting country settlements in Nigeria.


This understanding has roused him to address a portion of these issues through his satire and distributions. A survey of his innovativeness traces all the way back to his grade school days at Ighogbadu elementary school and College of Commerce, Warri Delta State.


Duringhis school days he was an individual from the Junior Engineering Technical society and was made the zonal undertaking chief to address Delta State In 1992, as a little youngster, he met the primary leader legislative head of Delta State Olorogun Felix Ibru after he displayed uncommon inventiveness for somebody who experienced childhood in the town to have the advancement to plan a Hover create transport, radio transmitter, hair dryer, projector, electric sun oriented table fan and flying helicopter, that made him the main African kid to have fabricated a flying helicopter and moving Hover make transport.

He was granted grant to contemplate primary designing at New York college. His understanding into life and future were secretive as per his mom princess Emily, on the grounds that he claimed issues of things to come and he had an incredible characteristic otherworldliness that made him terrified. Inside a brief time, his enthusiasm for parody brought him more extensive acknowledgment and prevalence, which he understood was a way to address relieving factors influencing small kids and numerous unprivileged individuals, in light of what he saw experiencing childhood in the town as a little youngster.



I Go Dye Career


He concocted the name I Go Dye from the comparability of the sound of his is last name Agoda, I GO DYE meant mean (Initiative guide on creating youth enrichment) His mom removed him from United school of Commerce to Essi school warri so his uncle who was an instructor in that school could screen his exercises so while in Essi school he joined SVC where he meet his closest companion of today Otagware onodjeyeke (otas) presently known as Igosave, together they began introducing mock news on Delta Broadcasting Service 1994, where they tended to a few issues influencing the general public, later on he got an agreement as a Stand up entertainer at Prest Motel in Benin City where he was paid 1,000 Naira for each show, while he likewise extended his profile across various occasions in Nigeria following quite a while of investigating his imagination he highlighted in Africa greatest parody show Night of 1,000 chuckles long term version and made the satire show and vcd turned into the most attractive satire disc as indicated by the advertiser Mr Obino Music, he performed for 10 years and he was in the end regarded by the maker of Nite of a Thousand Laugh Mr Opa Williams as the most exceptional humorist to have been on Night of a Thousand snicker stage for ten years.



His first European visit was with Ehizoya Golden Entertainment, 2005 which took him cycle 7 nations. He was subsequently shrunk by (NIDOE) France to perform at the UNESCO Cultural Week in Paris France and was introduced an honor for his commitment to the uplifment of Nigeria Cultural worth by Niddo Spain.


He has been highlighted in the MTV Africa Music Awards. He has likewise acted in opening and shutting shows of different outstanding artists including Akon, Boyz II Men, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, The Game, and Kelly Rowland.

I Go Dye Awards


I Go Dye has won different honors, including:

African Best Comedian.

The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization of Europe-SPAIN Award for his commitment to Nigerian culture and workmanship.

The Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD).

  • Delta Role model Award 2017
  • Nigeria best joke artist Award
  • Niddo Spain Award;for his commitment to Nigeria Culture and Art.
  • Ukaid and youth alive establishment envoy Award on #MadACT have an effect Against Corruption Today; devoted to Nigeria beneficiaries
  • Nigeria Army Civil Award with the commendation of Chief of Army staff Lt General TY Buratai[8]
  • Joined Nations Development Goal Ambassador
  • Joined Nations World Habitat Ambassador
  • Devoted to Hillary Clinton


I Go Dye Social Crusader


I Go Dye as somebody who had confronted the ills of contention and was shot, losing a portion of his dear companions, that disastrous experience changed his insight. At the point when he pondered the 1997 Warri emergency between the Ijaw’s and Itsekiri individuals, he supported the task, Peace in sight. Amb Francis Agoda shot a 10 minuets narrative, short film in 2004 for United Nations and the Federal legislature of Nigeria to advance harmony and supporter for country improvement. He has regularly loan his voice and gave answers for world pioneers and Nigerian elites with the greater part of his distributions.


His open letter to check the United Nations Youth day in 2017 named Logic and Reason without weapons to Nigeria Government, Governors Militant and youth, he has kept on being a supporter for the African Youths, advancing another political philosophy that will remember the adolescents for administration, he has likewise pushed for youth authority, in Zimbabwe where he composed president Robert Mugabe to venture down for young initiative, he additionally upheld for energetic President in Liberia which has been fruitful and has kept on advocating another authority additionally for Nigerian through his open letter to his excellency president Muhammadu Buhari and previous VP Atiku Abubakar.


Other Activities


I Go Dye individual parody brand Igodye remaining in 2016 Igodye sold out 02 London to check his 20 years in front of an audience, before Igodye standing world visit, Igodye has acted in African satire occasions including MTV Africa Music Awards.

Igodye as a productive joke artist has stayed the toast of the parody business, engaging Governors, Presidents and representatives. He additionally performed at the 2018 National Council of Nigeria Traditional Rulers, held in Port Harcourt with The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, ooni of Ife Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and numerous others.

He is a United Nations Millennium Development Goals Ambassador, attempting to realize the United Nations’ objectives.


In September 2014, he was captured with the Cross River Governor Liyel Imoke at The Nigeria Ireland Carnival in Dublin.


I Go Dye Net Worth


According to Forbes Nigerian we found  that the Nigerian ComedianFrancis Agoda professionally called I Go Dye has  the estimated Net worth of #1.8 billion as at 2021.


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I Go Dye


Ful NameFrancis Agoda
Stage NameI Go Dye , I Go Dye
CategoryNigerian Comedian
Date of BirthApril 4, 1979
Net Worth#1.8 Billion

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