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Discovered: How to Easily Delete Letgo Account

Delete Letgo Account

Discovered: How to Easily Delete Letgo Account – Fulloaded

Learn How to Delete Letgo Account: Letgo can be accessed via an Mobile device or via the web browser. It lets users buy or sell their old items in two clicks. After you have created an account using Letgo you can upload pictures and descriptions of the items you’d like to sell or browse through objects that have been posted through other members.

There are a variety of reasons one might want to remove Letgo Account. Some of them include:

  • They were receiving excessive promotional or advertising related emails via Letgo. Letgo application. These types of promotional emails can clog your inbox, and you may not receive important mails.
  • They were looking utilize the program to purchase/sell a single item, and this has been completed.
  • They were targeted by the Letgo application, but it was from an unidentified seller.

It is important to note that there are many methods to avoid receiving promotional emails from Letgo. To stop receiving promotional emails You do not need to erase your Letgo account. To erase your Letgo account in any other way apart from this, read the guide below on how to remove your Letgo Account!

How do I delete my Letgo Account

Delete Letgo Account

Delete Letgo Account

Like we said, Letgo can be opened via an app on your smartphone or through a web browser. Letgo application is available through both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can delete your account by visiting the Letgo website, or contact letgo’s Letgo customer support.

How do I delete my Letgo Account on a PC?

Letgo is accessible through any web browser going to their official website. Follow the steps below to remove Letgo from your computer. Letgo accounts from your computer.

  1. Visit Letgo’s official website and sign up.
  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Select My Account from the menu of choices. 
  4. Select the settings icon. 
  5. You’ll be on a web page that has two tabs, which are ” Profile” and ” Your data“. Select ” Your data.” 
  6. Choose ” Delete Account” from the menu of choices. 
  7. You will receive a message that reads “Deleting Letgo account will delete all your Letgo information.” Click “Delete account.” 
  8. In the confirmation window Click on “Yes, delete my account.” 
  9. It will inform the user that their account has been deleted.
  10. After you have deleted your account, it will cease to function within 48 hours. Then, all details on your Letgo information will be deleted within 30 days. 

How can I delete my Letgo Account by sending an email for Letgo Support?

The most straightforward method to remove the account on your Letgo account is to delete it by logging onto the official website using your web browser. You can also remove your account through sending an email directly to Letgo customer support. Follow these steps to erase your Letgo Account using e-mail:

  1. It is necessary to write an email and send it clear to 4d******[email protected]***
  2. Make the subject in the form of “REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION” or “LETGO ACCOUNT DELETION.”
  3. In the body within the message, you should write the reason you wish to erase your account. Include a make a request to delete. I’ve included an example template below.

Sample email Template

Hi Letgo Team,


I’m a registered user on Letgo under my name John C and the email that is associated to the account’s name is 4d******[email protected]*** I do not require this account because of personal reasons. I request you to delete my account and also would like to stop receiving communication/advertisement mails.

I hope that you are aware of my concerns and will take action as quickly as is possible. Contact me via my email address or telephone number (mention your telephone number and email address here).

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