Discovered: How to Easily Delete Shine Account – Step by Step

Learn How to Delete Shine Account: Shine is the second-largest online job-seeking portal in India established in 2008. Shine has now become an important name in the industry of recruitment. Shine connects both recruiters and job seekers through matching profile information of applicants with job opportunities that match their requirements.

Many users decide to remove their Shine account when they’ve received their dream deal. One of the most important reasons to delete the account would be to rid it of all the advertisements and emails.

We understand your frustration and the mailers with advertisements can be very frustrating. Follow the steps listed in this article about How to get rid of your the shine account.

How to delete Shine Account?

Delete Shine Account

Delete Shine Account

Shine hasn’t provided an account deletion button in their site.

The only way to get rid of any account with account is to contact Shine customer support via their contact page on their official website, or by sending an email or phone them direct.

Method 1: Remove Shine Account using the Contact Us page

Follow the steps below on how to deactivate your Shine account using the Contact Us page:

  • Visit Log in using the username you used and your password If you aren’t already logged in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and then click the Contact Us button.
  • Send a brief note asking deletion of your account in the description field on the Contact Us page.
  • Click “Submit”.

When you make the deletion the request to Shine, an agent of Shine will get in touch with you within a matter of minutes via phone or email. The reason behind this is to comprehend the reasons you are trying to remove your account and attempt to convince you to reconsider.

Make them aware of the reasons of the deletion and then confirm that they will attempt to help you keep your account.

If the account is deleted successfully the account will be deleted in several days to erase the account from the Shine database.

Method 2: Remove Shine Account by Email

It can take several days to erase your Shine account by writing an email.

To erase an account by email, follow the steps below.

    1. Log in to your personal email account.
    2. Compose an email and make it out to .
  • The Subject can be kept in the form of ” REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION” or ” SHINE ACCOUNT DELETION.
  • In the body within the message, you should write your reasons for wanting to deactivate your account.

Example Email Template

Hi Team!

I’m a registered customer on Shine under the name ( My Name Here ) and the email address associated with the account’s name can be found as ( Your email address here ). I no longer need this account at the moment due to personal reasons, I request you to delete my account from your database and would like to stop receiving communication/advertisement mails.

I hope that you are able to are aware of my concerns and take action as quickly as you can. If you need any additional details regarding my question you can reach me at my email address or my phone number (mention your contact number and email address here).


(Your name)

The customer care rep will get back to you within a few days. Sometimes, you can expect to receive a response in several hours.

Method 3: Deleting Shine Account by contacting Customer Care

They can be reached toll-free at 080-47105555 from Monday through Friday, 9 A.M until 6 P.M.

While speaking to the person in charge, be sure to clearly state why you’d like to erase your account. Make sure that you’re affirmative.

How can I remove my your phone number from the shine

There isn’t a way to delete the numbers from Shine. There is only a way to modify your number.
You have the option of opting out of receiving advertisements. To opt-out from receiving advertising messages, follow these steps:
1. Go to and sign in using an account username, password and username.
2. Simply click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner.
3. Choose Options for Accounts in the dropdown menu.
4. Set Recipient the SMS for No.



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