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Discovered Untold secret: How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage

How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage

Discovered Untold secret: How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage – Fulloaded

Learn How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage IMessage is without doubt the most popular instant messaging app for an iPhone. It is packed with interesting features, however it is restricted only to iOS and macOS users only.

Although the majority of iMessage users know that they have the ability to share messages, GIFs photos, video clips, or GIFs through iMessage but not many are aware that you can find an individual’s location using the app that is a favorite for instant messaging.

If you’re trying to track the location of someone who has an iPhone tracking their location, using iMessage is probably the best option.

This article will teach you how to track someone’s location via iMessage for no cost. In addition, you’ll discover additional ways to monitor people’s location without being aware of it.

How to see someone’s location on iMessage

Before you begin the lesson, be aware that you must have access to the subject’s iPhone to allow the location tracking feature to work.

The steps below are legal as long as you have the approval from the individual you wish to follow. This is a feature Apple intentionally incorporated in iMessage so that it makes the application more engaging.

I suggest obtaining the permission of the person you are targeting before taking any of the next steps. We are not responsible for any consequences from your conduct.

Based on the laws in your area, pursuing individuals without consent could be considered a crime.

However there are steps needed to find the location of someone’s phone in iMessage (with their permission and, ideally).

  • Open your Messages program on the device of the person you want to contact. Naturally, in order to use the IMessage app, users must first unlock their iPhone and permit the app to be accessed.

To ensure your safety To be legally safe, you should also inform them what you plan to accomplish and how you’ll be doing it to determine how they will react.

  • If they’re willing to give you their location start a conversation with the person via their iPhone and then go to their details by tapping the small i icon located in the middle of the screen.
  • Select and select Share My Location option on this page. You’ll be asked to choose the length of time you’d like to continue sharing your location.

It’s best to decide this for yourself, however “Share Indefinitely” may be the best option for someone in your family. So you won’t have to do it over and over every time you want to monitor their whereabouts.

After you’ve completed the above steps on the person’s iPhone You can now track their position at any moment from your iPhone without the need for any third-party applications.

To find the current position of your friends, use your Find My app and select the People tab. The app will display the list of your closest friends you can view in their area.

Go through the list, choose the name of the person you want to target, and you’ll be able to see the exact location of the person on a map. You’ll also find directions for driving to reach the person in real-time.

Additionally, you can create notifications that will sound at the time the user goes out or moves into a pre-determined place, which is called geo-fencing.

This could be negative from a privacy point of view since the majority of people don’t like someone setting the boundaries of their property in real-time.

With Apple’s efforts to improve privacy, it’s not even a possibility for the company will launch an application that includes all the privacy-negligible features, not even in advance of WhatsApp.

To avoid legal problems which could arise from using this method You should attempt to convince your target to disclose their location to you.

If they choose not to then, you have the right to act without their knowledge and you could end up in legal trouble for not following that.

How to prevent Someone from Seeing your location on iMessage

How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage

How to See Someone’s Location on iMessage

If you’re able to determine a person’s current position on iMessage it is a reason to be cautious if you use iMessage frequently (most iPhone users do, to be honest).

You won’t know if any or more of your contact lists has access to your phone without permission. You can set your iPhone to be able to share its location in real-time with them.

If you suspect this is the situation, there are easy changes you can take to make sure that no one is monitoring your . location by using iMessage. Here are a few of them.

  1. Switch off your device’s GPS location

Your iPhone will only know about your location only if you’ve enabled location services. If your iPhone does not know your current location, it’s not able to communicate it to all of your contacts on iMessage.

If you suspect that you’ve been tracking the location of your device with iMessage turn off your location is an instant is the first step to do.

Here are the steps needed to switch off the device’s location.

  • Open your Settings application for your iPhone and then select Privacy.
  • Select the Location Services in the privacy options. Remove Share My Location from the resulting screen to block sharing of your location in any application or process using your iPhone.

In this way, your phone removes the GPS function completely, preventing anyone from monitoring your activities with your permission.

  1. Monitor notifications related to iMessage

In order to provide a reason for privacy for the feature to protect your privacy, you’ll be notified notifying you that you’ve been communicating your current location to the individual who they’re sharing the information.

If you get an identical notification be sure to not dismiss it unless you agree to it. Instead, you should stop sharing your address with the contact in reverse by following the steps in this article.


While Apple might be the standard for privacy practices in large technology companies, the company can make some serious errors.

One of the mistakes made is that people can follow your movements for an indefinite time using iMessage. If you’re trying to monitor the activities of a spouse or family member then you don’t need the insanely expensive tracking applications (that I would not recommend at all).

Instead, open iMessage and share your address of the target with you. Then, relax on you iPhone or Macbook and observe their live location history in real time in the event that they’re using location services.

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