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List of Local Government Areas in Kaduna State Nigeria


List of Local Government Areas in Kaduna State Nigeria Kaduna State (Hausa: Jihar Kaduna; Tyap: A̱si̱tet Ka̱duna) is a state in northern Nigeria. The state capital is its namesake, the city of Kaduna, the 8th largest city in the country as of 2006. Created in 1967 as North-Central State, which also encompassed the modern Katsina State, Kaduna State achieved its current borders in 1987.


The fourth largest and third most populous state in the country, Kaduna State is nicknamed the Centre of Learning, owing to the presence of numerous educational institutions of note within the state such as Ahmadu Bello University.


Modern Kaduna State is home to the sites of some of Africa’s oldest civilizations, including the Nok civilization that prospered from c. 1500 BC to c. 500 AD. In the 9th century, geographer and historian Ya’qubi documented the existence of the Hausa Kingdoms, which existed until the region was incorporated into the Sokoto Caliphate in the early 1800s following the Fulani War. During the colonial era, the city of Kaduna was made the capital of Northern Nigeria Protectorate by British leadership.


The name Kaduna is believed to be a corruption of the Hausa word Kada, which means crocodile; the Kaduna River previously hosted a large crocodile population. The state economy is reliant on agriculture, especially cotton and groundnut production. In the modern era, Kaduna State has been the site of violent ethnic and religious conflict, with the 2002 Miss World riots in the state capital over purported blasphemy leading to around 250 deaths and the loss of homes for around 30,000





Zaria is considered to be the most popular local government area in Nigeria. It is also a major town in Nigeria, it has a population of 408,198 as of 2006.


Birnin Gwari

Birnin Gwari is one of the most biggest and populous local government in Kaduna state with its headquarter in the town of Birnin Gwari. It has an area of 6,185 km² and a population of 252,363 at the 2006 census.



Chikun local government is located in Southern Kaduna with its headquarter in Kujama, It has an area of 4,466 km², and had a population of 372,272 at the 2006 census.



The headquarter of Giwa LGA is located in Giwa, the state was created by General Ibrahim Badamasi. It has an area of 2,066 km² and a population of 286,427 at the 2006 census.



Igabi local government was founded by a Quranic scholar who settled in Rigachuku, it’s headquarter is located in Turunku.



Ikara is a local government area located in the northern Nigeria. It’s dominated by the Fulanis and Hausas.



Jaba local government area is located in the Southern part of Kaduna, it dominated by the Nom people of Kaduna state. Its headquarter is located in Kwain, it has a total population of 155,973 recorded in 2006 census.



Jema’a is located in Southern Kaduna, with its headquarter in Kafachan. It has an area of 1,384 km 2 and a population of 278,202 at the 2006 census.



Kachia is a local government area located in Southern Kaduna. It shares its boundaries with Zangon Kataf, Kajuru, Kargako, Jaba and Chikun local government. It has an area of 4,570 km² and a population of 252,568 in the 2006 census.


Kaduna North

Kaduna North is nicknamed the pioneer local government, it has its headquarter in Doka with an area of 70.2km. It has a population of 364,575 as of 2006.


Kaduna South

Kaduna South is located in Southern kaduna just like the name implies, it has an area of 46.2km and a population of 402,731.


Other local government area in kaduna state includes:


  • Kagarko
  • Kajuru
  • Kauru
  • Kaura
  • Kudan
  • Lere
  • Makarfi
  • Sabon Gari
  • Sanga
  • Soba
  • Zangon Kataf

Those are the local government areas in Kaduna State

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