Discovered: 1000+ Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Are you Part of those searching for most Lucrative Business In Nigeria ?.These are  the most lucrative business in Nigeria that you could invest your money in if you believe you have the skills to manage the business.

These business concepts in Nigeria is comprised of genuine business concepts and not just randomly picked junk businesses They are tested over time carefully chosen top performing companies that you can put your money and ensure profits.

These businesses are current and relevant for the year 2016 and beyond. Before we get started we should examine some of the essential reasons to start a your own business in Nigeria now.

Why you should start a business in Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

The reasons Nigerians are fleeing their country that is brimming with honey and milk in order to find in other countries that do not offer half the opportunities that we have here is difficult to comprehend.

What is the reason why Nigerians quit the lucrative potential for business in their own land and decide to travel to other countries to become slaves and leave the riches back home to South Africans, Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, even Egyptians to take advantage of?

The majority of the fastest growing business and businesses located in Nigeria have been owned by foreigners. We would like to see the system change. Read the following infographic, discover the reasons Nigeria is Africa’s test site for business, and then begin to seize the opportunity.

If you’re ready to go, just click one of the business suggestions and read more on the specific business of your interest. If you require any assistance, submit a question or a suggestion in this article or one of the other articles to get more details.


Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Here are the 10 most Lucrative Business In Nigeria you should start in

Oil and Gas business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

The truth lies in the fact that Nigeria and, to a greater extent, the whole world is still dependent on gas and oil. So long as this pattern persists, the business will continue to be the dominant one. Petroleum and gas is one of the top industries in Nigeria.

Take a look at it this way: we rely on kerosene or gas to cook. We rely on fuel to travel whether we’re using cars, okada or Keke Napep. Because of the lack of electric power, we are dependent on electricity and fuel. Every one of the small and large enterprises operating in Nigeria depend on diesel or fuel diesel for their operations.

There’s a lot of dependence on gas and oil. In addition, Nigeria has a lot of it. Anyone who takes advantage of this industry will earn an enormous amount of money.

Here are some opportunities in the The oil and gas business


This is the most lucrative areas of the oil and gas business. However, you’ll require a large budget to be able to invest in it. Oil and gas distributors bring refined petroleum products into the country to distribute to various sectors.


Petrol Station

With just a few million Naira it is possible to start your own petrol station. The number of vehicles in Nigeria that you’ll never run out of patrons. Additionally, many depend on fuel stations to run their generators.


Cooking gas business

This is a business that is not being developed in Nigeria. A lot of people are too focussed on Petrol that they neglect cooking gas. Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague who runs an mid-sized petroleum company. They’re into all petroleum-related products. They make the most money cooking fuel than other type of business.

You can provide the cooking fuel to retail stores, or you can become a retailer and then refill gas for the customers who are not consumers. Make it more interesting. This is a very profitable business and does not require a lot of money to start. Start small , and expand!


Kerosene business

A large portion of Nigerians are still dependent on kerosene, for a variety of reasons. Even those who cook utilize kerosene stoves to provide back-up. The business is extremely lucrative. It is more lucrative due to the fact that not as many people are involved nowadays.

You can buy tankers and start a trade of lifting products from petroleum. This could include ships. Petroleum products are like other commodity, they require to be lifted. There are also opportunities for fleet management.

There are many opportunities to be found in the oil and gas industry. There are plenty more to be found when you conduct your own investigation. One thing is for certain that Oil and Gas remains one of the top business in Nigeria.


Blogging Business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

The blogging industry has certainly gained its place in the top Business in Nigeria. Many people are choosing to read online news rather instead of newspapers. In the process, news websites are replacing newspapers for lots of people. This is opening up enormous possibilities.

Bloggers earn income through direct advertising and advertising networks affiliate marketing, sales of products sponsorships, sponsored posts, partnerships and other opportunities. On average, top-end bloggers earn more than 50 million naira per each month within Nigeria.

It is simple to begin a blog. With only a tiny amount of capital. For a self-hosted blog, it costs about 4, 000 dollars for the domain address and N27.000 hosting for the duration of a year. The cost is both for the year. This is less than N35, 000 to begin the business that will earn 20 million every month.


Real Estate business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Real estate business is among the most lucrative business ventures in Nigeria and around the world. There’s no doubt about it. Everyone will need an roof over their heads. As the number of people growing the real estate industry will continue to expand. As more people move into cities, the business will continue to be growing.

There are many possibilities in the real estate. You could work as an agent. Helping people locate properties and apartments in exchange for a commission or fee. As well as helping property sellers and landlords locate buyers or tenants in exchange for the cost of.

You can build properties in highly sought-after areas available for lease or sale. You can also invest in land and then either develop or sell as it increases in value.


Agriculture Business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Alongside being one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria Agriculture is an ongoing business. It is never old, and will doesn’t disappears. So long as humans are around and continues to exist, the business of agriculture will always be striving. This is why it is an crucial and strategically-oriented business.

One aspect that makes this industry so appealing is the abundance of financing or loans available to farmers in Nigeria. We have a special Bank of Agriculture operated by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and Ministry of Agriculture. Learn more about how to apply for a loan through the Bank of Agriculture. A lot of business lenders offer a lot of preferential treatment to the agricultural sector.

The government continues to look for ways for ways to diversify its oil supply the main focus of their efforts is on agriculture. This will result in more incentives to this sector. There’s a huge amount of profit and growth in store for anyone who decides to venture into the business of Agriculture.

Here are some possibilities in the agriculture business:



Snake farming

This involves the raising of Snakes for commercial use. Due to its risky nature and the low level of competition, this industry is extremely profitable! Learn more here: How to begin a the business of snake farming


Cattle farming

Beef meat is very sought-after in Nigeria. Cow milk is nearly the same value like oil is in Nigeria. These reasons make agriculture based on cattle one of the most profitable industries in Nigeria. Find out more about how to begin a cattle farming business in Nigeria.


Business dealing with palm oil

Palm oil is the gold. A majority of the items that you consume from soup to cream, and others are made of palm oil. There are numerous companies across the world that import the palm oil of Nigeria. It is a lucrative business. Learn more about how to begin a the palm oil industry in Nigeria


Cassava farming

The majority of Nigerians depend on Garri Fufu, Garri and other items made from cassava. It is a lucrative business since the products are popular. Find out more about how to start a cassava farming business in Nigeria


Poultry farming

The meat of chicken, Turkey meat and others are highly sought-after by Nigerians particularly during the holidays. Poultry farming can be a profitable venture that anyone can begin with a small amount of capital. Learn more here: How can you start a poultry farming enterprise in Nigeria



Snail farming

Snail farming is a largely untapped business opportunity in Nigeria. There are a lot of potential and possibilities in this field. Learn more here: How to begin a snail farming businesses.

There are many more agriculture business options that go beyond the ones mentioned above. Research and opt to the one that is best for your needs, your location and your budget.



Food business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

The that the food business is not going to be among the top business in Nigeria. It is a business that will never die. There will always be food! No matter how difficult the economic situation is, one thing that everyone cannot live without food.

It is a venture that, if run effectively, can help you become wealthy. It’s also very simple to gain loyal customers. If your food is tasty and delicious, customers will come to you.

If you can locate an ideal location, and learn the appropriate abilities and staff You can have an effective food service. This is a venture that is not dependent on seasons. It is in high demand every day.

Here are some possibilities in the food-related business:



Nigerians are awestruck by big brands such as Mr. Bigg’s, and others. Certain brands are so well-known that consumers are loyal to a specific brand.

You can locate a great place in any city without competition or a low level of competition, and start a fast-food franchise. Mr Bigg’s is owned and operated by United African Company of Nigeria (UAC) and you are able to apply to UAC for a franchise opportunity.

Once you have been approved, you can begin operating your own Mr.Bigg’s fast food restaurant and earn money. If you locate a suitable place with little or no competitors, you will earn a lot of cash. In addition to Bigg’s. Bigg’s, you could start any franchise you like.


Local restaurant in the area

It is possible to create a local restaurant which appeals to a certain segment of people who enjoy food. For instance, you could create an “Calabar restaurant” where you serve the famous Edika-ikong along with Affang soup. It will be a distinct feature because people who are interested in these kinds of food will seek them.


It is possible to start with an “amala restaurant” where you are focusing on the tasty amala food.


In the case of the local restaurant having a specificity can be a significant factor.


International and foreign restaurant

International and foreign cuisines are becoming well-known in Nigeria. The restaurants that serve these types of food attracts wealthy people, celebrities and foreigners.

It is possible to create an Chinese Restaurant Italian eatery, Indian restaurant, and other such establishments. Learn to prepare the dishes that are common at these eateries or collaborate with someone with a knowledge of this.


Food business that supplies food

It is a profitable business you can earn money from. I have a friend who manages this kind of business. She provides food for events, seminars and banks AGM and more.

Food supply businesses are lucrative. It is essential to have cooking abilities or hire an employee who is skilled. Make a group of event organizers and planners. You can also approach companies, schools and other organizations. You’ll be surprised!


Furniture for business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Furniture business is certainly one of the top business in Nigeria. The market is vast and the demand is enormous. Furniture is a necessity for everyone. Furniture is a place to sit or rest on furniture. Kitchen – furniture, sitting room – furniture. Businesses need furniture. Furniture is everywhere. Furniture is an important commodity.

It is possible to start a woodworking shop in which you build high-quality furniture for various uses. Find skilled carpenters. Provide furniture for show rooms or schools, as well as companies and then sell it to people.

If you’re not looking for an establishment for carpentry You can create an open-air showroom and purchase high-quality furniture from the best carpenters in the area. Show them off and then sell. The market is massive and profit margins are very high.



Hotel business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

The hotel business is extremely profitable and is among the top business in Nigeria. The number of people living in Nigeria is enormous and people relocate from one area to another for pleasure or for work. Hotels provide shelter for the people. Additionally, visitors to the country are attracted to hotels.

In order to succeed in the hotel industry it is essential to seek out less competition and begin your own business or provide superior or less expensive services in a highly competitive market. To increase your earnings your hotel must have an the ability to rent a hall for events. A restaurant and bar.


Transportation for business

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Lucrative Business In Nigeria

Transportation ranks among the most lucrative companies in Nigeria and it is rightfully so. It is a business can’t be left out of. There is always a move. Going to work, going to the mosque or church visiting and shifting between city in city. There’s always moving. With more than 150 million people living in Nigeria in motion it is a lucrative business.

You can begin with little capital or even big. You can also drive Uber using your car to earn additional income. Purchase buses, okada or the keke-napep. And even planes. The market is massive and extremely in high demand. The market is always changing!


Marketing via social media

With the number of people who spend much all of their lives on the internet, marketing on social media is likely to be among the top companies in Nigeria.

Marketing via social media is about making use of social media to generate potential leads for companies. You can be an independent worker and assist businesses in making the most use of social media. Or, you can advertise and sell your product through social media.


Fashionable business

It is impossible that that a fashion business can’t be included on the top of the list of lucrative companies in Nigeria. Nigerians are a party-loving people celebrations, whether they are birthdays, weddings, or end-of-the-year celebrations. Even at funerals there is still ways to have a funeral ceremonies! In all of these occasions there are uniforms.

Fashion is always demanded. The majority of people wear clothing. To work, to school, or even to bed, people require clothing. The demand is high.

You can enter the world of fashion design and create incredible clothing. There will be a lot of patrons from various quarters. You could also set up a boutique , selling local and imported clothing items. You can also offer printing services including printing on t-shirts, hoodies and caps .

There’s another Okrika business. Learn more about how to start an Okrika company in Nigeria. Rememberthat everyone will wear clothes! Demand will never cease to be present. It is also possible to specialize in on baby clothes, children’s cloth female weddings, African print and so on.

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