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Discovered Best Private Universities in Abuja & their School Fees

Best Private Universities in Abuja: You shouldn’t be wrong if your opinion is critical of the fees students are charged in private universities. In spite of that, private universities have become an essential component of the nation’s advancement in terms of education and the overall culture of learning.

In addition to their importance in that schools have become a model that other institutions can follow and emulate, the way in how they train their students has been exemplary.

There is no longer a time of people being under the impression that Private Universities provide less educational and academic when compared with Federal as well as State Universities.

Private universities have not only demonstrated that they are able to be competitive with the top universities across the world, but they also have proven that they have facilities of a high standard sufficient to provide the required education.

It is not surprising that Abuja the capital city of Nigeria to be one of the leaders in the field of education.

It’s no surprise that the metropolis does not disappoint, with the FCT having more than 10 institutions of learning, which include Federal Tertiary institutions as well as four private universities accredited.

With private universities gaining more ground in the Nigerian education system as the day passes and more private universities are set to be built in Abuja in the years in the future.

According to the latest statistics, Abuja boasts of some of the best and most expensive colleges in Nigeria. Actually two of these schools are on the list of top five of the universities with the most expensive school fees in Nigeria.

In this article, we’ll take into some of the universities that are private in Abuja with a focus on the fees they charge for their schools. It is worth noting that even though some departments of some schools are charged the same tuition, the charges for each department differ and depend on the department.

Private University in Abuja and the School Fees they charge

Private Universities in Abuja

Private Universities in Abuja 

As of as of this writing, there are four accredited private universities located in Abuja, Nigeria. These are Veritas University Turkish Nile University, Baze University, and the African University of Science and Technology.

Veritas University School Fees

The university was founded in 2002 by NUC, the Catholic Church of Nigeria in 2002. NUC only required one visit to recognized the university. The environment and facilities make it a great place to learn. The fees for school are listed below.

Medical Laboratory Science:

  • Fresh Student N500 1,000
  • 200-400 level N550, 000
  • Final Year The final year of N600 000


  • 100 Level: 450,000
  • 200 Level: 450,000
  • 300 Level: 500,000
  • 400 Level: 500,000


  • 100 Level 400,000
  • 200 Level 400,000
  • 300 Level 500,000
  • 400 Level 500,000

Other fees they have to pay include

  • Registration Fee per Session – N10,000
  • The Development Levy for each session N20,000
  • Acceptance Fees for New students in the amount of N20,000.
  • Vocational Training Fee Per Session (100L and 200L in total) (N20,000)
  • Field Trip/Practical Words in Geology Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing Students Each Session
  • The cost of accommodation is per room on Permanent Site at
  • 4 Man Room N80,000
  • Eight Man’s Room, N45,000
  • Accommodation per Bed space at Mini Campus
  • 2 Man Room 2 Man Room
  • 3 Man Room 3 Man Room
  • 4-Man Room for N50,000
  • Fees for returning students (200 level to 400-level) Tuition 273,100
  • Accommodation for 40,000
  • Feeding 113,400

Turkish Nile University School Fees

It is without doubt one of one of the most expensive institutions in Nigeria. It is not surprising that the it is a Nigerian Turkic Nile University as sometime called has one of the most comfortable and most comfortable universities in the nation. It is an international university in all aspects. The breakdown of charges per session is listed below. It is important to note that the rates shown below do not include the cost of accommodation.


  • Accounting N2,300,000
  • Banking & Finance N2,300,000
  • Business Administration N2,300,000.
  • Public Administration N2,300,000.


  • Economic: N2,300,000
  • English Language Studies: N1,700,000
  • Political Science and International Relations: N2,300,000.
  • Mass Communication N2,300,000


  • Biology : N2,300,000
  • Biotechnology(new) N2,300,000
  • Biochemistry(new): N2,300,000
  • Microbiology(new) N2,300,000
  • Computer Science: N2,300,000.


  • Computer Engineering N2,300,000
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering N2,300,000
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering N2,300,000
  • Civil Engineering: N2,300,000.


  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) N2,500,000


  • Medicine and Surgery Doctorate (MBBS) N5,750,000

Baze University Cost of School

Baze University is the second most expensive university on this list, and the overall most expensive in Nigeria. In addition to the quality of students that this university attracts its facilities and academic quality makes it stand out from other institutions in Nigeria. The departmental fees are listed below.

  • Faculty of Law N2,500,000
  • Faculty of Engineering/Environmental Science: N2,500,000
  • Faculty of Management/Social Sciences Faculty of Management/Social Science: N2,500,000
  • Faculty of Computing/Applied Sciences: N2,500,000

It is the African University of Science and Technology School Fees

Most likely the least well-known of this list most likely the least popular on this list, the African University of Science and Technology, AUST, is an idea for a university system that was created through the Nelson Mandela Institution (NMI). The university is designed to providing the most advanced technological learning to Africa. The university that is private represents an international effort to improve the level of sub-saharan African’s economic growth and growth through the advancement distinction in the applications in science and technological.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to establish the four African institutions of technology and science throughout Sub-Saharan Africa — one each in the north east, south as well as west. Fundamental disciplines in engineering and science will be offered by all of the main campuses, both at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. The tuition at the university is not disclosed in the moment this report was being written, and it will be updated when we have relevant information regarding the subject.

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